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Web Hosting Hub Review

Web Hosting Hub Review


I’ve already given you a clear introduction, features and pricing of Web Hosting Hub in my previous post, however here I will detail some of the key points of the service, as well as a more in depth look at both the good and bad this company has to offer for the aspiring entrepreneur in the Web Hosting Hub review below.

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The Good…

And there is a lot of good.

The web hosting business has become extremely competitive, so any company still left standing is almost guaranteed to be top notch.

Web Hosting Hub is no exception. 

Web Hosting Hub makes its money on blogging sites. It is their specialty, and their full package gives the aspiring flogger everything they could hope for or want. You are able to have a fully functioning and robust blog up in under 10 minutes, which is quite a feat.

Facilitating this process to make it smoother is the cPanel control panel. It is the industry norm at this point and is the panel of choice for almost all web hosting sites, a few of its competitors such as FatCow and iPage still do not.

The bonus of cPanel is the plethora of documentation that can be found on the web, allowing you easy flexibility and a shallow learning curve for the aspiring entrepreneur or blogger.

The WordPress manual is written under the assumption that you are using cPanel, and if you are looking to monetize your site you’ll spend a lot of time dealing with WordPress.

Web Hosting Hub also has 24/7 U.S. tech support. 

They also offer contact, an excellent email marketing tool to help get your site or product out there and e-online data, one of the better credit card payment processes. Excellent if you are looking to set up an online vendor… 

One key thing we don’t see with other web hosting sites is the no down time website transfer.

Web Hosting Hub accomplishes this by giving its customers access to a temporary URL that they can upload web files, create email accounts and make sure everything is operational and working correctly before the domain name is transferred.

A god send for webmasters with high traffic or online vendor sites that don’t want, or cannot have, a hiccup in their services.

Now For The Bad…

Also the surprising for those who don’t comb through their Terms of Access.

The 90 day money back guarantee is just for the base features. Any extras you opt for while not be refunded, you’ll lose the money you spend on those.

Web Hosting Hub also offers only Linux hosting on its shared servers, and doesn’t offer dedicated hosting service. While this may seem minor, if the proper resources are not allocated correctly it will cause issues not just for that one person, but for all accounts on that server.

While its not usually a problem it is something to be aware of, especially for existing webmasters with large sites and multiple domains and accounts.

Web Hosting Hub Review Conclusion…

In conclusion, while Web Hosting Hub has far more pros than cons, it might come up short for serious web masters or entrepreneurs that know they are going to be scaling up their businesses. For most bloggers or small online vendors however, it is a great hosting services at just the right prices.

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