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iPage Reviews

iPage Reviews

For those looking at building their online business, there are many options for purchasing web hosting sites. One of the more intriguing is iPage which offers a number of interesting options for building a website. Here are my iPage reviews to give you a better understanding of what iPage has to offer.iPage logo|iPage reviews

Price Plan

If you opt for the 2-year or 3-year subscriptions, you pay $1.99 for the first 3 months followed by $2.95 for the subsequent 21 months or 33 months.

When compared to many other web hosting services, the sign-up price is certainly one of the lowest that made iPage really stand out from the rest in terms of pricing.

The renewal price after your initial term reverts back to the regular pricing of $8.99/month for a 1-year, $7.99/month for a 2-year and $6.99/month for a 3-year subscription. This is almost the same as any web hosting companies out there.

Nonetheless, it is still a bargain as it does offer a very low price for a number of good services that would benefit someone who is just starting their online business.

The only complain I have for the price plan is that iPage don’t have a monthly billing cycle, which means buyers have to fork up the entire subscription fee upfront. But most web hosting companies don’t offer a monthly billing cycle anyway.

When Signing up…

Do note there are a couple additional services that are offered along by default as you are signing up for the service.

This includes a (i) site automation and identity theft and (ii) secure data at an additional $12.95/year for each feature.

While none of these fees are compulsory, you will have to check away from them as you sign up, so be careful during this process if you do not want to pay for services that you overlooked when signing up for iPage.

Watch my video clip here as I run through with you if these add-ons are really required…

Control Panel

A control panel of a web hosting account is where a webmaster can manage domains, website files and email accounts, backup website data, install software onto the domains along with many other things required to run a website smoothly.

When it comes to control panel, iPage uses vDeck as opposed to cPanel, in which the latter is a more popular platform used by several of the web hosting companies such as HostGator and BlueHost.  

Here’s a quick video demo of the vDeck control panel to give you an idea how vDeck looks like. You can also see the cPanel demo here.

Below is a table of comparison between vDeck and cPanel:

vDeck vs cPanel
Table of Comparison vDeck cPanel
User-friendliness User-friendly interface. Most cPanel users agree that the cPanel design is both user-friendly and straightforward.
Aesthetics vDeck has a clean and comprehensible aesthetics that is a pleasure to look at and use. The design for cPanel is not as polished and sometimes looked cluttered. This may be disturbing for those who prefer an aesthetics outlook.
Tools & Add-ons Have fewer built-in add-ons than cPanel. (E.g. You can UnZIP and ZIP a file easily in CPanel but you can’t do that in vDeck file manager.) There are more add-ons on cPanel than on vDeck that can enhance the functionality of the cPanel itself.
Customizability Tech-savvy webmasters can augment their own add-ons onto vDeck with ease. Webmasters seeking for more advanced functionalities may feel that cPanel is too simplistic for their complex needs.
Best for… Professional webmasters building medium to large-scale websites. Anyone looking to build a personal blog or small to medium business websites.


Really, I’ve used both cPanel and vDeck.  For the average users, vDeck and cPanel can satisfy all their needs.

Since cPanel has been the more popular platform, users are already very accustomed to the cPanel layout and features.

Hence, cPanel users would probably find vDeck cumbersome during their first use due to unfamiliarity with vDeck.

This is however not an issue in my opinion.

My experience had been similar (finding it cumbersome on first use) but given vDeck’s well-organized platform and neat appearance, I quickly got used to finding my tools around vDeck.

It’s just us humans who have a tendency to stick with something we are familiar with…so I shall not blame vDeck for its differences. 😛


If you researched for iPage reviews, you will find many of these sites have already done a lot of talking about its features.

Nonetheless, I will summarize the features here for you:

Included in the monthly price is the unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email addresses.

  • The disk space allows for websites to place as much text, images, videos, graphics and more on the site without having worry to hit a maximum cap.
  • The bandwidth allows for unlimited quantity of data transfer per month which is a major plus point for websites with a larger traffic.
  • Having an unlimited amount of email addresses is a nice addition which may be useful for some types of online businesses. 
  • Along with the unlimited disk space is ability to create unlimited domains which is a very nice feature indeed to help expand your online business or create new ones without having to pay all over again.
  • Combine this with free domain registration and you have a very impressive web hosting package.
  • There are free site-building tools, search engine and marketing cards, online store and a new feature, a free security suite that provides protection from malware, spam and business verification that is displayed so that customers can feel more secure about paying for your products or services.

These features are actually pretty much standard as with other web hosting companies.

For a detailed comparison of how iPage’s features, reliability and moneyback guarantee match up to other popular web hosting companies, take a look at my post on top web hosting companies comparison.

iPage Reviews Conclusion

While iPage lacks the monthly billing cycle, the initial subscription fee is definitely attractive for any serious webmaster looking to build a website for the long term.

Features-wise, although I would like to say who does better and who doesn’t (that’s what usually review does, doesn’t it?), I am apt to say that it’s comparable to most of the web hosting companies out there.

As such, the pricing and customer service gains more weight when comparing these web hosting companies side by side.

While I am happy with their customer service, it is also worthwhile to note about what majority of the people say about their service. It seems to me that amongst some unhappy individuals (there will always be, tell me who has not heard anyone complaining about Microsoft or Apple), the majority of the customers who gave their feedback were positive.

There you go…

Hope you’ve found my iPage reviews here helpful to make an informed decision on which webhost to sign up with.

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Finally, if you are also an iPage or ex-iPage user, share your experience and rate iPage at the reviews section below.

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