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How To Link Domain To Web Host

How To Link Domain To Web Host

In the previous lesson, we show you how to buy a domain name from GoDaddy or Enom via Google. Once you have purchased your domain, you are ready to set it up with your web host. If you already have a web host, skip to Step 2 on how to link domain to web host.

If you hadn’t have a web hosting account, then Step 1 is also for you. 😉

Step 1: Signing Up a Reputable Web Hosting Company to Host Your Domain

how to link domain to web hostSo why do you need a web host?

First of all, a web host is a remote server that will store all your website information on their storage facility.

Unless you have the budget, time and space, setting up your own web hosting server may not be a good idea for beginners and small businesses on the Internet.

Otherwise you’ll need to keep your computer or server running for 24 hours with adequate cooling (oh boy…the electric bills), ensure that your network is set up correctly, maintain the server, resolve any technical faults…. You get the idea.

Therefore, your best option is to pay a web hosting company to do that for you.

For a few bucks a month, you pay someone else to do all of that for you!

Good web hosting companies will also provide fast internet connection (download/upload) so that your site loads quickly on a web browser and so that you can upload your stuff quickly to the web host server respectively.

There are a few good web hosting companies I recommend such as HostGator and BlueHost.

These are the ones that I have personally used and found them to be reliable, reasonably priced and has great customer service support. Many of my friends who are internet marketers used them too.

In another post, I have a review for Top Web Hosting Companies to help you get started with a web host. Check it out!

For this video training, I am going to use HostGator as a demonstration.

It’s pretty straightforward.

Step 2: How To Link Domain to Web Host

Now that you have purchased a domain name from a registrar and secured a web host to host your new domain, you need to link these 2 together to ensure that the domain knows where to “point” or link to.

Why do you need to “point” or link your domain to your web host?

Simply put, your domain is just an address on the Internet provided through your registrar. Your registrar do not store any data for your site. Your data for your website will reside in your web host which is on another address. Therefore, you have to tell your domain registrar where your web host address is so that the data from your web host server can show up on the web browser.

Now, if you have purchased a domain and web host account with the same company, this is usually set up automatically for you by the company so you can skip this step.

Otherwise follow the video and see how to link domain to web host easily:

For demonstration in the video, I’ll be using the my domain purchased from Google and Hostgator.

Here’s the step-by-step instructions on how to link domain to your web host (I’ll try to keep these instructions as generic as possible):

1. Log in to your domain console. The URL should be given to you by your domain registrar after you’ve purchased your domain. For Google, log in to:

2. Locate the page on your domain console where you can set your nameservers.

For Google, you’ll need an additional step before you can change your nameservers. Navigate to the page by clicking on Domain Settings > Domain Names > Advanced DNS Settings.

On this page, you’ll find a set of username and password given to you by Google to log in to your GoDaddy/Enom console.

Click on “Sign-in to DNS console” and log in with the set of username and password given.

You’ll see your domain name in the console, click on it to access the page where you can change your nameservers.

3. Set your nameservers to the ones provided by your web host account. It should be given to you by your web host after you’ve purchased a web host account.

4. It’ll take 1-2 hours for the changes to take effect. You are now ready to create your website.

In the next lesson, I’ll be showing you how to install WordPress on your new site.

WordPress is a free content management system that is simple to install and easy-to-learn for any beginners. With WordPress, your website can be live in 5 minutes!

It allows any webmaster to quickly publish their content on the site with ease.

Once you’ve completed the 2 steps above, jump right in to the next lesson!

Hope you’ve find this article useful.

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