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HostGator Reviews

HostGator Reviews


Having covered the basics and introduction of HostGator in my Top 5 Web Hosting Companies Comparison article, I’ll give you a synopsis of the key benefits, or lack thereof, in the HostGator reviews here.


HostGator Reviews – The Good

HostGator | HostGator reviews

The good points are many, and it’s no surprise that HostGator is one of, if not the leading company.

  • Firstly, they’ve always some form of promo-code giving considerable discounts to your first purchase, thence reducing your initial start up cost.At, I’ll offer your an exclusive HostGator coupon code found only on our site. So don’t miss it if you want to sign up for HostGator.
  • Their customer service is excellent, with the Baby plan, giving you toll free numbers for 24/7 after-sales service, live chat, emails and forum that is actively monitored by HostGator employees.
  • Their malware support is exceptional, and this can be a big deal to many web designers. Most people do not have the technical skill to find and remove files with malware injected by malicious browsers. Using HostGator’s excellent customer service they will find the file, tell you the vulnerability exploited, and then clean the injected files. All for free.
  • The Baby plan offers you unlimited bandwidth, storage, domains/sub-domains and FTP accounts. Great from an entrepreneurial stand point because it allows for unlimited scaling for countless domains. The FTP accounts let you grant secure access to any number of people if you wish to work with many different contractors later on. You can safely hand over the sites to be maintained by your staffs while still retaining overall control.
  • They offer unlimited MySQL databases, a key feature for someone who wishing to expand into multiple websites under one account for easy management.
  • HostGator uses cPanel, which is a great bonus. While it is generally the industry standard, some hosts such as iPage do not use cPanel.
  • It has a lot of documentation and tutorials that allows easy flexibility and the WordPress user manual is practically written with the assumption that you are using it.
  • Most importantly after doing my research, I decided that transferring my domains over would be a good idea. While this can often be a difficult and/or slow process, it was extremely simple and took no more than ten minutes for the whole process. Best of all, it’s free.
  • Lastly, HostGator also supports Eco-Friendly initiatives. They contracted to power their servers with wind power. So it’s good to know that you are also doing your part to save the environment when you use HostGator.

HostGator Reviews – The Not So Good

Nothing is ever perfect however. Here’s some of the not so good in my HostGator reviews

  • The do not offer first year free domain as with BlueHost, Web Hositing Hub or iPage.
  • There is an illusion of a steep bell curve when initially using the site. By this I mean it appears complicated, and though it is extremely simple and comes with tutorials, this can be a confidence shaker to new web designers. However, if you’ve used cPanel before, then it should be a breeze.
  • Their Time To First Byte (TTFB), a measurement of a web server’s responsiveness, is one of the slower of the web hosts.
  • While the $100 AdWord credit is a great deal, that is all they offer. In comparison, other hosts offer a plethora of goodies, such as FaceBook, Yahoo and Bing ad credit.

Still, the list of cons is short and not anything the average webmaster would take notice of. And I would still recommend HostGator for any serious online small business owners and bloggers.

I’ve used HostGator myself and have not experienced any problems so far. In fact, this website is hosted on HostGator.

I hope you’ve found my HostGator reviews useful.

If you’ve used or is using HostGator now, please do leave your HostGator reviews in the comments section below and share this review with your friends using the social buttons below.

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  1. We have use Hostgator for a couple of sites….they are really reliable and hardly giving us any issues…