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Google Loses Search Market Shares

It’s old news but many news sites are still reporting this.

In November 2014, Google lost a portion of its search market shares when Firefox decided to switch its default browser to Yahoo. This minor change brought about a significant shift on Google’s Search market, causing Google’s US market share to plummet from 79.3 percent to 75.2 percent.

What’s interesting is that after 2 months, huge news sites like Forbes are still reporting about it in their recent news. Wonder if it’s still news or “olds”. 😀

google market share news
Snapshot of News Search Results taken on 16 Jan 2015


See’s tone of report is almost gloating, starting their article by saying “Thanks to a partnership between Mozilla and Yahoo, Google has seen the largest drop in its share of the search market since 2009”. People seems happy about the drop and I can fully understand why. When you are big, there’s always someone against you, whether you like it or not.

On this note, I’m neither sympathizing nor celebrating about this. Being practical, I’ll go with whatever search engine that provides the most accurate results and user experience.

I use Firefox. Even when Firefox switches its default search engine to Yahoo, I still change it back to Google, because by my own experience, Google still provides me with better results. That may change in future, if some other search engines takes over.

My Firefox Settings
My Firefox Settings


It’s a natural evolution of technology. Keep up with the market or be replaced. Does anyone remember Friendster? It’s one of the most popular social networking site until Facebook took over.

Back on the issue….

This year, the contract between Google and Apple for using Google search engine as Apple’s Safari web browser will expire. If Apple decides to make a switch, it would continue to shift more market shares to its competitors Bing and Yahoo.


Seriously, at this moment, 75.2% is still a very large share in the US market. And Google, by far, is still the most popular search engine globally, having approximately 66.4 percent shares on desktop devices. It’s still a long shot for Bing and Yahoo to catch up with Google, having shares hovering at around 9 – 10 percent for both search engines.

To win the fight against Google on the web search arena is going to be a tough one, at least for now.


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