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Google Updates PageRank on 6th Dec

GoogleIf you haven’t notice, Google had recently updated their Toolbar PageRank.

How This Works?

Google has an internal database for the PageRank of websites. However, this data is not provided realtime and visible to the public. What Google does is that they would usually update the toolbar PageRank every 3 months or so; therefore on every of such update, you will get to see for the first time the latest PageRank of your site. Read full story »

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Optimizing Long Tail Keyword In The Face Of Penguin

penguinWhen you have a page optimized for a long tail keyword, naturally, Google will also rank the page for the shorter version for it. For example, a page optimized for “iPhone 5 accessories”, it will also rank for “iPhone 5″. Now here’s where it gets a little confusing sometimes, because you will need to exercise some judgment. :)

The general rule of thumb is that you never want to optimize 2 separate pages for the same keyword and/or a long tail version of it when they really talk about the same thing. Read full story »

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Top 20 Best Web 2.0 Sites For SEO

best web 2.0 sites for seoOften I get question from people where are the best places to post their content for free. Rather than having to list them out every time I get asked, I decided to compile my list of best web 2.0 sites for SEO here which will come in very handy.

If you are already like me and own many self-hosted business sites, then you know the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The list below will be good sites for anyone to build feeder pages and create backlinks to their money sites for off-page SEO purposes.

These sites are the ones I’ve personally reviewed and used as feeder pages to some of my niche sites. I’ve tried others, not that they are not good, but these are the ones that will allow most topics to be published on their sites. Read full story »

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