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About Chiu Jing Hong

Hey there, I’m the Lazy Internet Entrepreneur!

When I said “lazy”, I didn’t exactly mean I am downright lazy in the negative way.

Entrepreneurs cannot afford to be lazy. What I really meant is to work smart and work effectively.

I truly believe in automation, outsourcing and eliminating any unnecessary work.

You see, humans are engineered to be lazy, in a positive way.

It was this genetic engineering that created so many wonderful innovations and inventions we have in today’s technology.

Otherwise, we would still be doing all that manual work by ourselves!

There would be no machines, no electricity and no progress. Because we were all happy with doing all that laborious work so much we wanted to do it all our life! 😛

Of course not!

We want to enjoy as much as possible out of the 24 hours we have every day. If more work gets done with lesser time, all the better.

That means we have more time to spend with our loved ones and do things we REALLY enjoy.

That’s why I’m positively “lazy”. LOL!

If something (by that I mean work) is not necessary, eliminate it!

If something needs get done and can be achieved with machines, automate it!

If something needs get done, cannot be automated and is not what I enjoy or good at doing, outsource it! There’s usually someone who can do it better and faster than I can for a reasonable pay.

It’s that simple. And these are my principles for creating businesses on the Internet.

My Bio

I’m born and raised in Singapore. And proud to be a Singaporean!

My first career was in the military…An AirForce Officer in Air Traffic Control.

After 9 full years in the military, I rejected a promotion and submitted my resignation. Not that a military career is no good. But for growth and for a new adventure.

My training in the military had taught me how to be resilient, effective and disciplined.

That has helped me overcome many obstacles and challenges in my adventure as a Internet Marketing Entrepreneur.

It has been exciting, challenging, heart-breaking, frustrating, enjoyable and enriching….that’s the life of an entrepreneur.

It has always been such and will always be such. 

But the journey’s well worth the efforts.

It’s not just what we achieve in the process, and more importantly, what we’ve become through the process.

Miley Cyrus has a song “The Climb”….and it totally reflects this.

“ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the Climb!”

Life’s a climb! But the view is great!” 😉

Through the adventure, it has molded me, it has broke some of my old beliefs and it has fostered new alliances.

What we are today is what we’ve chosen to do in the past.

What we will be in future lies on what we choose to do today.

Care to join me in this journey?

Let’s get started! 🙂