Google Updates PageRank on 6th Dec

GoogleIf you haven’t notice, Google had recently updated their Toolbar PageRank.

How This Works?

Google has an internal database for the PageRank of websites. However, this data is not provided realtime and visible to the public. What Google does is that they would usually update the toolbar PageRank every 3 months or so; therefore on every of such update, you will get to see for the first time the latest PageRank of your site. Read full story »

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Royalty-Free vs Free Images in Stock Photos

corbisI’m been getting a lot lately from freelancers asking me if they could download and use images from Royalty-free stock photo sites like Corbisimages.com.

Well, the answer is NO.

It is confusing for many, especially first-timers, looking online for images to use on their sites or presentations. The problem is the word “royalty-free” suggests that no royalty fees need to be paid to the owner in order to use their work. Hence, it must be free. On the contrary, when it comes to images, this is something quite different. Read full story »

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Optimizing Long Tail Keyword In The Face Of Penguin

penguinWhen you have a page optimized for a long tail keyword, naturally, Google will also rank the page for the shorter version for it. For example, a page optimized for “iPhone 5 accessories”, it will also rank for “iPhone 5″. Now here’s where it gets a little confusing sometimes, because you will need to exercise some judgment. :)

The general rule of thumb is that you never want to optimize 2 separate pages for the same keyword and/or a long tail version of it when they really talk about the same thing. Read full story »

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The Zeigarnik Effect and How To Do Many Things At Once

I was reading a book “The Art of Thinking Clearly” (Rolf Dobelli) and came across a topic that sparked my interest.

According to research, and named after the Soviet psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik who discovered it, the Zeigarnik Effect states that humans tend to remember outstanding tasks better than completed tasks. It works the same way for remembering facts as well. And that once we complete the task, or no longer have the need for the facts, we check it off from our mental list and then they are erased from our memory.

How many of us had this experience that the history facts (replace history with the subject you hated in school)  that took days to memorize were quickly erased from our minds once the exams were over? Read full story »

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How To Setup Email Account For My Domain

You Got MailIf you own a website, it’s best to use an email that contains your domain name. This not only makes it look more professional during your correspondences with your clients or visitors on your website, it also lends credibility as people are assured you are from where you claim to be from.

You can still use Gmail or other free emails if you want, but it just doesn’t cut it, especially if you are running a business on your website.

In the video below, I am going to show you how to setup an email account for your domain. This is actually a very simple process. Read full story »

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Web Hosting Hub Review

webhostinghub| web hosting hub review

I’ve already given you a clear introduction, features and pricing of Web Hosting Hub in my previous post, however here I will detail some of the key points of the service, as well as a more in depth look at both the good and bad this company has to offer for the aspiring entrepreneur in the Web Hosting Hub review below.

The Good…

And there is a lot of good.

The web hosting business has become extremely competitive, so any company still left standing is almost guaranteed to be top notch.

Web Hosting Hub is no exception. Read full story »

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WordPress Tutorials 1: WordPress Overview

wordpress tutorials | WordPress OverviewWelcome to my first lesson on WordPress Tutorial!

If this is your first time using WordPress, or if you are looking for a WordPress Overview to understand about it better before getting started, then this article and video is for you!

You see…WordPress is actually quite easy to use. The learning curve is not that steep.

However, to figure it all out on your own is still tedious. Read full story »

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Bluehost Review

bluehost logo | bluehost review

Over the past two years I have come to know and understand the BlueHost system, having used it to manage several different websites. And hence I’ve decided to do a Bluehost review here and share my experiences below.

It is easy to understand why Bluehost is a popular web hosting company.

Bluehost uses the Linux servers known for its stability that delivers all that you need in one hosting plan. They pride themselves as one of the pioneers to simplify and repackage everything needed for launching a new website into a single plan. Read full story »

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How To Create A Website Using WordPress

how to create a website using WordPressDo you know you can create a website using WordPress in 5 minutes?

I’m not joking. It’s that simple…

Any WordPress users can attest to that.

Once your domain and web host has been set up properly, you are ready to install WordPress onto your site.

The installation process takes a few settings. The rest is automatic and takes less than a minute.

Once the installation process in complete, your site is live!

You are now ready to log into your new WordPress site and add your content. Read full story »

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iPage Reviews

iPage logo|iPage reviews

For those looking at building their online business, there are many options for purchasing web hosting sites. One of the more intriguing is iPage which offers a number of interesting options for building a website. Here are my iPage reviews to give you a better understanding of what iPage has to offer. Read full story »

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